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Schneider Electric is uniquely placed to provide you with innovative integrated solutions making energy safer, more reliable, more efficient and more productive.
Combining leading edge new businesses- building automation and security, installation systems and control, power monitoring and control, critical power and cooling services- to our historical strengths of power and control, we provide you with comprehensive unique answers for residential, building, energy and infrastructure and data and networks markets.
We have developed a unique worldwide capability to provide these solutions and transform the way people power & control their environment.Our solutions help customers reduce costs, stay connected at all times and tap into an ultra pure, secure and uninterrupted power supply.
HVAC Valve ActuatorHVAC valve actuators that are highly reliable, offer a compact design and are fast and easy to install.We manufacture hundreds of HVAC valve actuators and they are available in a wide range of sizes, input signals and torque ratings. Our HVAC valve actuators are available with built-in features to give you greater control in the field without the need for field add-ons. There are many options to choose from including direct mount electric, remote mount electric, spring-return and non-spring return, factory mounted or linkages for field installation.


BenefitsPrecise control Energy efficient High reliability Compact design Fast and easy installation Compatibility Highly integrativeMany HVAC valve actuator options are available to choose from in the following categories:Ball Valve Actuators Electric Actuators for Butterfly Valves Electric Actuators for Globe Valves Electric-Hydraulic Actuators for Globe Valves Electric-Linear Actuators for Globe Valves Zone – Electric Actuators Zone – Thermal Electric ActuatorsRotary Shoe Valve Actuators Electric – Direct Mount – Spring Return Actuators for Dampers Electric – Direct Mount – Non-Spring Return Actuators for Dampers Foot Mount Actuators

HVAC Valves


DescriptionSchneider Electric offers a wide variety of HVAC valves for nearly every HVAC application. As a result, your choice in HVAC valves has never been bigger or better. Our HVAC valves range from ½” to 24” with actuation choices that include electric, spring return and non-spring return. The choices continue with two-way normally open or closed and three-way mixing.
Many HVAC valve options are available to choose from in the following categories:
✔ Ball Valves Butterfly Valves Globe Valves Flanged Globe Valves PIC Valves Radiator Valves✔ Rotary Shoe Valves Zone – Electric Valves Zone – Thermal Electric Valves
Applications:VAV reheat Air handling Heat pumps Unit ventilators Boiler and chiller control Cooling towers Thermal storageSteam Chilled and hot water Mixing and diverting Radiator applications